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Planning and Shooting your advert on location with HD cameras, lights and sound.

Digital editing the advert.

Online Video Adverts On Budget by Eye-cue Films

Incorporation of logo and identity and contact details.

Production of bespoke music for your advert.

Writing and recording of professional voice over or presenters.

The adverts can also be delivered onto DVD and any master format you wish.

Online Video Adverts On Budget by Eye-cue Films

Our in house web designer/technician will liaise with your web designer and make sure they are ready to receive the final optimised Online Advert and make it a seamless integration.

We can even up load it for you and optimise your website to get you higher rankings on search engines.

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We will demystify the production process for you and keep it simple.

No matter the size of your production from large to small we will approach the work in the same way with a friendly, professional manner.

We will deliver on time and on budget. We will take care of everything from start to finish. We will make the process, quick and effective and hassle free.

You will get time to approve the edit.

Online Video Adverts On Budget by Eye-cue Films

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These are the simple 10 steps to our production process;

1. You speak to our Sales Executive and confirm your interest.

2. You discuss your budget spend.

3. You send us a statement of what you would like and at least 2 x photos of location.

4. We give you a quote in 24 hrs with an outline vision of the adverts.

5. You confirm the booking online and pay the deposit.

6. We engage in full pre production planning and confirm Director and crew.
7. Location shooting.

8. Post Production: Digital editing, recording of voice over, music and incorporation of branding and graphics.

9. Your approval.

10. Approved advert is integrated into your website via our Web technician and your web designer. We make sure it worksproperly on your site.

From paying your deposit we aim to get the advert onto your website in 10 days.

We have designed a menu based system where ANYTHING production wise can be bolted on from ACTORS IN PERIOD COSTUME to STEADY CAM, from a LION to FAMOUS ACTORS, NEWTS from HELICOPTER SHOOTS to UNDERWATER FOOTAGE.

Online Video Adverts On Budget by Eye-cue Films

We believe that every business should benefit from having an online video advert and we are on a mission to bring this to as many people as possible.


We have 5 budget levels which bring to you different scales of production value and service. Each job is priced individually and tailored but your requirements but your budget spend determines your level.

We look forwards to helping you to make your business shine.

Tel: 0208 133 2687
Mob: + 44 (0) 7787777624
Email: onlineads@eye-cuefilms.com
Skype: eye-cueonlinevideoads

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