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"The most important film for 15 years"

The Sol of Durango

"A wonderful and powerful film it made me laugh and cry"

Director for Institute of arts and culture, Mexico

"More films like this are needed in the world, a wonderful crafted film with integrity and insight into the ancient heritage of our Mexican Brothers"

Gramma the state newspaper in Cuba

"A remarkable and outstanding Documentary - brilliant Direction and beautiful Cinematography, Congratulations"

Professor Ray Johnson - Staffordshire University


"Hilarious and original"  Hollywood Reporter

"The best comedic short film Ive seen in years"  
HD Fest

"Brilliant, Direction, Cinematography and production values"
 UK Film Council

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Film Poem

Film Poem
- Short film, 4:41 mins.

A PARTY POLITICAL BROADCAST BY THE POETRY PARTY starring Hugh Bonneville has been selected for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and will screen 10-11 May.

Written by Sarah Wardle.
Produced and Directed by Benjamin Johns.

OLD HARRY - Short film, 8:30 mins. 35 mm. Kodak Vision 250

Old Harry Short Film by Benjamin Johns

Starring: Robert Hardy, Michael Dixon, Antonia Bernath, Chaitun Bagary.

Written, Produced & Directed: Benjamin Johns
DOP: Rex Maidment BSC
Music: Tom Marsh
Editor: David Blackmore

Genre: Drama
Shot on location in Studland - Rural Dorset

More details

NUESTRO ABUELO - Documentary, 50 mins - HD CAM

Nuestro Abuelo

"An intimate portrait of a Mexican Huichol family; one of the world's purest indigenous tribes. Shamans and farmers, they live like their ancestors have for 1000's of years in the remote mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The land of The Huichols is across three states. This is the first time a non - Mexican film maker has captured their lives."

Watch the trailer from NUESTRO ABUELO here:

Eye-cue Films Nuestro Abuelo

NUESTRO ABUELO is now on sale:

DVD + Postage & Packaging

Screening Info

The film will also be screening at The British Museum in London - TBC.
Thursday 5 February, 16.00-17.30.

We are currently arranging a tour of NUESTRO ABUELO to independent cinemas around the UK - Watch this space!.

Hastings - picture house - NOV 25 2008 at 7.30 pm

Stafford Film Theatre - NOV 11 2008 at 6.30 pm

World Premiere - 22/07/07 Durango Durango Mexico Festival of the City
Audience 6500

Caribbean Premiere - 05/10/07 - Havana Cuba - La Cinemateca de Cuba
Audience 1000

UK Premiere - 01/11/07 - Renoir London
Audience (at capacity) 250

UK Midlands Premiere - 23/01/08 BFI film Theatre Stoke on Trent

UNESCO are promoting the film as part of their Las Camaras la Diversidad programme

Distribution plans: We are also finalizing a TV and DVD deal for Spain with a prestigious distributor. More details to follow.

We are sending the film to selected documentary festivals world wide and film festivals with a strong documentary strand. We intend to secure DVD rental and Sale and TV deals especially in Mexico and Latin America. The DVD has both the English and Spanish versions. If you are a festival, distributor, commissioning editor click here to request a screener.

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a distribution deal with DAVID DISTRIBUCION in Mexico for Nationwide DVD and TV. The release date TBC.

We are in talks with other Latin American territories.

NUESTRO ABUELO has been selected for the 3RD DOCS DF festival in MEXICO CITY – More details coming soon.

All world rights are available for all media as of 27/01/08 Apart from Mexico and Spain.

TRAFFIC WARDEN - Short Film 18 mins - HD CAM

Traffic Warden Runner UpTraffic Warden Runner Up

"Mickey Willis, a normal thirty something guy in London, wants to date Sarah the girl in his local Café , he loves his blue Mark 1 ford Capri and cartoons. Every time he stops to see Sarah he gets a parking ticket. One ticket too many pushes him over the edge and he seeks revenge on the Wardens".

Screening Info:

Screened at Cannes - May 2008.

World premiere Bafta London 4th May 2007.

Selected for:

HD FEST - Won Runner up - Best Comedic Short 2007
Sefton Short Film Festival 2007
Short Film Festival of India 2008

Distribution plans: We are re-cutting the film to make a shorter version and in 2008 submitting it to Film Festivals world wide. We are appointing a short film Sales Agent and will sell to broadcasters.

We will then look at online platforms.

If you are a festival distributor click here to request a screener.

All world rights are available for all media as of 10/10/08.

See Video Library for the theatrical trailer.

For full catalogue of the films we have produced please contact us for more details.

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